Stuff To Read (Because We Didn’t Write It!) – June 29


Should You Help a Friend Who Is Bad With Money?

I have a couple of friends just like this who buy, buy, buy nonstop and then complain that they’re always broke, which makes me cringe. What do you say to that? You don’t want to come across as a judgmental, condescending jerk by pointing out their poor spending habits, but you want to help them at the same time.

How I Almost Got Scammed

Whew! I barely avoided a scam earlier this week. I was calling my bank and this was what I heard on the phone…

What Financial Health Means to Me

Did you know 57% of Americans are struggling financially? Isn’t that a crazy number? What if I pull out percentages and go with about 138 million people. Yes that is MILLION! This information is according to Center for Financial Services Innovation’s Consumer Financial Health Study.


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